Administrative Law

Practice Areas / Administrative Law

A pioneer in administrative and regulatory issues, Agmon has been a first port of call for clients in dispute with government entities since it founded the practice more than 30 years ago.

Today, increasing numbers of clients approach Agmon for representation in the field, confident in our successful track record in submitting petitions to the High Court of Justice, as well as our appearances before the courts for administrative affairs, various appeals committees, planning committees and many more. 

We represent clients across many sectors in major disputes with a range of government ministries including the Ministries of the Interior, Energy, Finance, Communications and Health, as well as local municipalities.

As administrative law encompasses many clients across different areas of the economy, Agmon’s critical sector experience comes into play. For example, recently we have been advising leading energy companies in Israel on the right to export natural gas, which has raised a range of issues of national significance and brought up serious administrative and constitutional issues in the process. In addition the oil and gas field, we advise clients in the real estate, insurance, telecoms, banking, media and retail sectors on all of their administrative concerns and petitions.