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Urban renewal projects include many layers, beginning with the tenants' rights to the land and the nature of such rights, continuing to contracts with these tenants, planning and licensing issues and feasibility of project realization in light of these, conducting contacts with government offices, funding and taxation aspects, and additional facets related to carrying out construction projects.

Realization of urban renewal projects requires proper vision of all issues and problems involved in them. Our firm has a high level of expertise and many years of experience in this field. As part of the legal services we provide in this field, our firm guides entrepreneurs in everything related to realization of the project, starting from performing the initial inquiries, agreements with owners of the rights, legal guidance in conducting contacts with planning authorities and government offices, including handling declaration of the site as a site designated for urban renewal (in cases of "pinuy – binuy" namely, "evacuation and rebuilding"), legal guidance regarding bank or non - bank financing, legal guidance concerning aspects of planning and licensing (including in relation to approval of new plans by the planning authorities, including National Housing Committees and obtaining construction permits, and regarding appeals and objections) as well as legal guidance in everything else required in relation to project construction and registration of rights.

Our office also provides legal guidance to tenants regarding their agreements with entrepreneurs, offering in - depth insight into the complicated issues involved in projects of this kind.

In addition to all of the above, our firm, represented by Ishai Itsikovich, takes part in the "round table" forum, headed by the Ministry of Housing and Construction, which is aimed at bringing up problems and setbacks in "Pinuy Binuy" projects and finding solutions, whether via amendments to legislation or through educational courses dedicated to these issues.
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