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Agmon & Co., Rosenberg Hacohen & Co. is one of the prominent and leading law firms in Israel, especially known for its integrated expertise in the legal fields of real estate, planning and construction, finance and real estate transactions, as well as for its irreplaceable proficiency in the regulatory aspects of these fields. Seeking this unique combination, a wide variety of clients regard our firm as the first place to go, in order to obtain full and comprehensive legal advice on real estate aspects of projects in the fields of residential construction, rental properties, hotels, energy and transportation.

Our firm's unparalleled level of expertise and experience in planning and construction, allows us to recognize and reach the best results for our clients. Along with a high degree of competence, experience and professionalism in planning and construction, our firm also provides the full range of legal services in the realm of real estate transactions, both in the field of residential construction and in the fields of rental real estate and hotels, allowing our clients to make the deal which is the most suitable and beneficial for them.

Our firm's banking and finance department provides full legal support in all aspects of bank and non - bank financing required for the execution of transactions. In addition, our firm has many years of experience with supporting real estate companies in equity and debt raising procedures in the Israeli capital marketand providing ongoing legal advice to such companies in the fields of corporate law and securities.
Our firm represents clients from the private sector (developers, contractors and land owners); public real estate companies; organizations - such as the Contractors' Association (the Association of Country Builders); public organizations (including local authorities, planning committees); government corporations; banks; theaters; cultural centers; hospitals; schools and colleges.
These customers benefit from the vast experience of our practicing lawyers and of the partners heading the firm departments that provide the aforementioned services.

Our firm's great experience and proficiency, its involvement in many projects and the rapid development of its expertise in the legal field of real estate, places our law office at the core of Israel's real estate sector.

Real Estate Practice

Clients benefit from the depth of our transactional, contentious and regulatory expertise in real estate, planning and zoning with advice offered by professionals who have been in charge of planning and construction in the Ministry of Interior’s legal office, as well as the Chairman of the District Appeals Committee (Central District). Furthermore, among our team members are lawyers who served in significant additional roles such as, legal advisors in government companies, municipalities, the Israeli Planning Institution, the Israeli Planning Institution for National Infrastructure, district planning and construction committees and more.

This tremendously deep level of experience allows us to map out the most effective and commercial plan for our roster of clients, which comprise real estate developers, entrepreneurs, property owners and potential buyers. We represent such clients in numerous residential, commercial, hotel, energy and transportation projects across Israel.
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