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Along with aspects of planning and construction, our firm provides the full range of legal services required in the real estate realm (projects, transactions and urban renewal), both in the residential field and in the field of yielding real estate and hotels, allowing our clients to perform transactions which are the most correct and beneficial to them.

Our firm represents clients from the private sector (entrepreneurs, contracting companies and land owners), public real estate companies, organizations such as the contractors association, public entities, governmental corporations, banks, theaters, culture centers, hospitals, schools and colleges.

As part of the services in the real estate realm, our firm provides comprehensive legal guidance to entrepreneurs who are interested in initiation and construction of residential projects, projects of yielding real estate and hotels, throughout the lifecycle of the project, starting from the stage of land acquisition, to the registration of condominiums and rights to units under the names of their respective owners.

Additionally, our firm provides legal guidance for real estate transactions, whether simple or complicated, including sale agreements, acquisition agreement, lease agreements and sharing agreements.

In addition, our real estate department has experience and unique expertise in the field of urban renewal (on projects known in Hebrew as "Pinuy - Binuy", "Tama 38" and "Ibui") and provides legal services in this field, covering all aspects of planning and construction and everything involved with contracts with tenants, the various authorities and carrying out the projects. In this realm, our firm represents entrepreneurs, as well as tenants who are interested in contracting with entrepreneurs to perform projects of this type.
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