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Our firm has unique expertise in providing legal advice and representation in a variety of topics related to local authorities and municipalities. We provide legal counsel to both local authorities and private entities on a variety of topics related to local authorities and municipalities, including the activities of the committees on jurisdiction boundaries between authorities, tenders, allocation of public land, development contracts, land expropriation and compensation procedures, real estate transactions in municipalities, fees and charges, municipal taxes (property taxes), local government election laws and more.

Our firm represents local authorities and municipalities, trade unions and professional organizations, contractors, entrepreneurial companies and others in proceedings before all courts; we issue extensive legal professional opinions on matters in the municipal area and more.

The Municipal Law Department is headed by two senior lawyers in this distinct field of legal practice: Adv. Eyal D. Mamo and Adv. Avi Porten. Both of them have rich experience in this field and many years of hands-on practice in many settings, in both the public and private sectors. This experience is reflected in their ongoing work in the field of local government law.
Eyal Mamo
Avi Porten
Tal Bareket
Dana Fried
Gal Ohev Zion
Yigal Yosef
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