Ishai Itsikovich

Ishai Itsikovich


Head of the Real Estate Transactions Practice Group, Partner Ishai Itsikovich offers clients a wealth of comprehensive residential and commercial real estate experience, with a particularly deep understanding of urban renewal projects. Clients benefit from Ishai’s experience in a wide array of real estate transactions, including sale and purchase real estate transactions, combination agreements, contractor agreements, agreements with miscellaneous service providers, agreements, management agreements, finance agreements, and all variety of rental arrangements.

Ishai also has significant expertise in ‘Pinui Binui’ urban renewal projects and ‘TAMA 38’ redevelopment transactions, which remain a significant challenge for entrepreneurs and landowners in the Israeli real estate market. In this regard, he plays an integral role in the round table forums in the Ministry of Construction and Housing, which is designed to discuss the challenges and solutions for the issues. 

Ishai advises on the whole cycle of a real estate project - from the initial land purchase, beginning with contracting with entrepreneurs and government bodies, guiding all the financial arrangements, and continuing through to the sale of units. He brings clients an excellent track record in advising on the purchase and sale of real estate and the entire gamut of agreements involved. 

Formerly with Yigal Arnon & Co, Ishai joined Agmon in 2012.