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The world is shrinking. Due to technological improvements in telecommunication solutions and dropping international shipping rates, global trade is increasing dramatically. Producers and consumers from around the world are closer than ever before, and they are moving goods between borders at unprecedented rates.

In Israel, as in many western countries, this influx of imported goods poses challenges to local producers who have trouble competing with the lower prices that foreign producers offer. In recent years, local producers have responded to this price competition by making increased use of Anti-Dumping complaints in the hopes of preventing damage to local industry.

Agmon & Co., Rosenberg Hacohen & Co. has represented major international firms in some of the largest Anti-Dumping investigations launched under the Israeli Trade Levies and Safeguard Measures Law in recent years. Our knowledge and experience with both Israeli law and the relevant international agreements serve our clients well in all stages of investigations, including preparing data and written responses to investigations; representation in hearings before the Levies Commissioner; accompanying foreign producers during on-site verification visits; and undertaking negotiations.

Clients also benefit from Agmon & Co., Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.’s extensive experience in complicated litigation proceedings when challenging antidumping decisions in court.

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