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Quality legal representation in the field of insolvency doesn't rely only on extensive legal expertise, but also on creativity in formulating a framework for each client, a wide view – economic and legal – of the client's needs and interests, the ability to find useful and effective solutions on a tight schedule, management of negotiations, and excellent representation in court. Working in this field requires a combination of up-to-date knowledge in insolvency law and other areas of civil and commercial law, and a thorough understanding of the economic issues involved. Our team has extensive experience representing corporations, debtors and creditors involved in corporate restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as experience acting as court-appointed trustees and liquidators.

Our team was involved in the formulation of the new regulation and legislation in the field, particularly  the Insolvency and Rehabilitation Law, 2018, and provides counsel for different parties dealing with the dramatic changes that the field has undergone over the past years.

The Insolvency Department works in collaboration with the firm's other departments, including Corporate Law, Banking, Hi-Tech, Real Estate, Labor and Employment, and more, in order to provide comprehensive solutions for any issue that might arise during complex insolvency proceedings.  In the framework of debt arrangement proceedings, the department works in full cooperation with the  Capital Markets and Securities Department, taking advantage of the firm's expertise in those fields.

The department's team has widespread experience in advising and representing clients before relevant government bodies, such as the Official Receiver, as well as courts throughout the country.
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