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Advocate Gil Agmon has practice experience of about 15 years, specializing in a specific field, heading a boutique law office handling labor law and pension law, both in individual cases and in collective issues, whereas his specialization and expertise reflect a way of life and his belief that professionalism in a single field is the future of law practice, especially in a field so special and different from the ordinary legal practice, as dealing with labor relations as well as labor law.

Adv. Agmon began his career in labor law working as an intern for Chief Justice of the National Labour Court (retired), Judge Steve Adler, and later on he continued his practice in the law office of Haim Berenson's, after that he had an independent law office for many years, until joining, as consultant in this unique field, the law firm of Agmon & Co., Rosenberg Hacohen Co..

Adv. Agmon has extensive experience in counseling and ongoing legal guidance in solving problems related to the daily management of workforce and / or companies and enterprises, providing opinions for guidance and direction as needed, assistance to employers in times of crisis (such as settling the working conditions, collective bargaining, strikes, recovery plans, downsizing dismissals, etc.), and of course handling legal proceedings in the Labour Courts, arbitrations, mediations and other legal tribunals.
In many cases managed by Adv. Agmon, basic case law precedents were held, in various fields of law in general, and labor law in particular, which received much publicity.

In light of the legal changes in this field in recent years, Adv. Agmon has knowledge and expertise regarding the relevant statutory provisions, case law and prevailing practice relating to the rights and obligations concerning pensions, education funds and provident funds.
Collective labor agreements:
Agmon was an active participant in the drafting of collective labor agreements, the interpretation of agreements and resolving disputes during the validity period of the agreements, including ongoing and successful collective bargaining negotiations. Agmon has long accumulated experience, both in individual cases as in collective matters, including the handling of complicated collective arbitration cases such as the Doctors' Arbitration.

Agmon is a member of the review committee, the international association for labor law and social security.
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Phone: +97236071423
Bar Admission: 2000
BA psychology and criminology, Bar Ilan university
LLB, Ramat college of law