About Us / Community Involvement

About Us / Community Involvement

Alongside its position as one of the largest and leading law firms in Israel, our firm sees importance and strives to lead the way in community involvement.

Our firm encourages its employees to initiate and participate in meaningful community involvement. Accordingly, the firm's partners, administrative staff, lawyers and interns, contribute their time, dedication and efforts (and also their creativity!) to social initiatives and projects.

Community involvement in our firm is diverse, performed both as cross - office activities and as independent initiatives of the office staff, and includes long - term projects, days dedicated to community involvement, and individual activities.

Long - Term Projects

Our firm undertakes long - term projects, which the employees are interested in developing, leading and promoting, either directly or in cooperation with local authorities and NGOs. These projects include social sponsoring of schools (conducting workshops for students, firm and school joint volunteering days, tutoring students, and more); participation in practical clinics of law schools; guidance and assistance to disabled persons with daily activities, and more.

Our firm encourages its employees to participate in these projects and acknowledges their time spent on them as work hours.

Days Dedicated to Community Involvement

In addition, every year, our firm sets out together for a full work day dedicated to community involvement, during which the whole staff engages in a variety of tasks aimed at improving the surrounding conditions of a selected residential site which require grooming. Work is done in collaboration with a school, and our firm employees work shoulder to shoulder with the students in painting, cleaning, carpentry and performing minor repairs. During such days, special bonds are formed between our firm's employees and the students and employees of the educational institution, all working for the same cause, and all having a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

The delightful sights, gained by a hard day's work and joint efforts, benefit the community; the result is always priceless!