Ayelet Golomb - Planer

Ayelet Golomb - Planer


Advocate Ayelet Golomb - Planer has extensive experience of more than 20 years of practicing law. Throughout her years of work in our office, first as an associate lawyer and then as a partner, Ayelet took part in assisting many companies to cope with dramatic changes, which the Israeli economy underwent, and headed complex litigation and regulatory proceedings, in these change processes. Thus, Ayelet has represented many companies in complex and precedential class actions, in the fields of consumerism, communications, energy, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals and more; Ayelet has represented fuel companies in proceedings in courts, in the Antitrust Tribunal and before the Antitrust Authority, proceedings that originated from the opening of fuel sector to competition as part of the fuel sector reform, decisions taken by the Antitrust Commissioner and extensive case law in that field; Ayelet has led the process of consolidation and definition of the field of exercising medical rights, all the way up to a ruling held by the Supreme Court, which regulated the permissible and the forbidden in that field, and has accompanied the legislation process concerning the payments paid to companies that deal with exercising medical rights; and has advised and represented companies on many other issues.

Simultaneously, for five years until the end of 2015, Ayelet has served as a managing partner in our firm, and has led the firm’s rapid growth and development - including the merger of two elite firms - while maintaining the firm’s uniqueness as a “boutique office": a law firm which, despite its size and growth, each of its departments is careful to provide its customers with quality and unique service in its field of practice; and it's also a law firm where each one of its employees are proud to be part thereof, in professional and in personal terms alike. As part of this legal and business growth and development process, Ayelet initiated and led a new model of social contribution at the office - whereby the firm encourages all its employees, partners, associates, interns and administrative staff, to initiate and take part in significant and long term social contribution.

Since the beginning of 2016, Ayelet is on sabbatical, during which she teaches in "Seligsberg” high school in Jerusalem, and advises the firm on various legal and administrative issues.
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Phone: +97225607649
Bar Admission: 1997
Education: LLB, 1996, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem