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"They are the leaders in this area - most experienced and very professional." (Chambers Global).

There is nothing that they don't really know about the competition field in Israel. They have an excellent track record in this area". (Chambers Global).

Antitrust and competition law is one of the areas of law that is most impactful on a company’s business. The growing trend of initiating criminal proceedings for violating antitrust regulations and the rise in torts and class action lawsuits accompanying such alleged violations mean that a depth of knowledge and experience is paramount to achieving a successful outcome for the client.

Under the guidance of Zvi Agmon, togethere with Mattan Meridor, head of competition practice, we frequently handle some of the largest merger transactions in Israel, recently including those in the energy, media, communications and food retail sectors.

We also appear in hearings and motions before the Israel Antitrust Authority on issues which involve the full spectrum of antitrust and competition, including merger approvals, proceedings relating to designation as a cartel or monopoly and a whole spectrum of other antitrust issues. We also frequently represent our clients in regards to criminal investigation and antitrust related litigation in front of the Antirust Court and all other courts.

Clients benefit also from Agmon & Co Rosenberg Hacohen & Co’s track record before the Antitrust Court when appealing decisions of the Antitrust Commissioner, and also in defending respondents faced with motions to approve class action lawsuits against them due to alleged antitrust violations.

We are advising companies in regards to current and significant regulation proceedings in relation to antitrust and competition law, such as the Bill for the Promotion of Competition in the Food Industry, Business / Market Concentration Bill and the Books and Authors bill.

Our focus on and reputation in Israel’s key sectors ensures we are a first port of call for some of Israel's largest banks, credit card providers, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, upstream and downstream energy companies, retail chains, and state-owned enterprises for their antitrust concerns.
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