Since its establishment over 35 years ago, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co. has been a forward-thinking law firm combining cutting-edge legal insight, first-hand industry experience and commercial innovation to empower our clients. Clients value and rely upon our immense experience, our deep knowledge of the country's most thriving sectors, and our ingrained ability to consistently deliver a superior quality of service.

Our depth of knowledge allows us to provide exceptional service and advice, adding value to our clients' operations. Combining this knowledge and experience with our creativity, we have guided clients through unique and highly valuable transactions, enabling them to pioneer new frontiers in their respective industries.

This level of service is demanded, expected and appreciated by our extensive clientele of Israel’s business and economic elite. Our clients include: the most prominent banks in Israel, credit companies, energy corporations, telecommunications companies, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, retail companies, industrial conglomerates, entrepreneurs and investors, and local authorities and municipalities.

Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co. draws on the innovative thinking of our 110 lawyers in our Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Be'er Sheva offices, as well as in our Sydney Australia branch,offices to enable our clients to conduct their business efficiently, promptly, and without disruption to their day-to-day operations.